Aerial Photographer in Galway

Most aerial photographers these days simply provide you with aerial photos and video from drones. While often adequate, some projects simply require the photographer to be up in the air themselves. This is where I stand out as an aerial photographer in Galway who will actually be up there myself.

While most budgets will not cover the fees required for helicopters or light airplanes, there is another, far more affordable way. Depending on the project I can head to the skies in a powered paraglider. This is effectively a parachute with a huge fan on the back. It allows me to create much more creative photos and videos to showcase your particular project. Until the technology improves, drones cannot provide the same level of photography as a human. Unless of course you hire a Hollywood drone pilot, but that’s a different story altogether!

Please note that I’m of course also happy to provide drone photography and aerial video footage from drones if required. I realise you cannot get above everything in a helicopter or paramotor! And of course, all equipment and pilots utilised are fully certified by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

To see further examples of my work as an aerial photographer in Galway please check out my aerial photography portfolio. You can also view additional examples of my Galway aerial photography work in person by visiting the Galleon Restaurant in Salthill, Galway. Approximately 20 of my aerial photographs of Galway Bay are on display as large, framed photo prints.

You can also view my Galway aerial video work at my Galway video showreel here.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about aerial photography in Galway or elsewhere in Ireland.

Nicholas Grundy Photography

Nicholas Grundy Photography