Invisible Existence

Invisible Existence was exhibited at the Colour Factory Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The collection was also shown partially for a group show at St. Hellier’s Street Gallery in Richmond.

These are the final remaining unsold works available for purchase or lease. Each framed print is signed edition 1 of 4.

The works are on Ilfospeed RC Digital true black and white paper. They are housed within museum-grade archival frames with UV-protected glass.

Artist’s Statement

Each day in the modern western world we pass by infrastructure required for our high standard of living. Each day, however, we fail to notice its existence. We are either unaware of what these dark, looming objects mean to our lives, or their presence simply doesn’t even register in our conscious minds. For the past four years, Nicholas Grundy has documented the infrastructure that supplies our essential services such as electricity, clean water and various consumer products. Invisible Existence is an observance of the essential infrastructure that surrounds us, unveiling the hidden beauty in these often ignored realities.

Artist’s Bio

Nicholas Grundy’s photography portfolio is dominated by natural and man-made landscapes from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Berlin and Eastern Europe. His work can be found in National Geographic Traveller, the in-flight magazines of Aer Lingus and West Jet, and in galleries, institutions and private homes across Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Nicholas Grundy Photography

Nicholas Grundy Photography