“An Honorary Slovene atop Mount Triglav”

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    “Up and out before dawn, I moved swiftly towards the very top of Slovenia. My pace was soon curtailed by a more treacherous section – a knife-edge ridge dropping cliff-like for hundreds of metres either side. Fortunately a “via ferrata,” (literally “iron way”) offered safe passage upwards. Its slender, steel cables were bolted firmly to the rock, allowing me to clip on and put my mind at ease. Pushing onward I hit the final challenge. The metalwork shot up a near vertical ridge, the summit just out of view. My helmet protected against loose stones dislodged by climbers above. Jumping with joy after hauling myself over the summit’s edge, I took out a miniature bottle of spirits. It was most certainly a moment for celebration, for anyone who scales Triglav becomes an honorary citizen of Slovenia! And what better place to mark this occasion than atop the entire country, with 360 degree views of it’s undulating terrain below.”


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    I’ve spent a total of one month over two separate visits travelling around Slovenia. This article focusses on a three-day journey through Triglav National Park, around Lake Bohinj and up to the summit of Mount Triglav. The hike takes in numerous lakes, scree slopes and pine forests along the way. At 2,863 metres, the mountain sits atop the Julian Alps, the southeastern extremity of the European Alps, jutting out into Slovenia from neighbouring Italy and Austria. The hike can be expanded or contracted and is suitable to hikers and mountaineers of all ages and experience levels. Slovenia is a hidden gemstone often neglected by visitors to Europe and the Balkans. Foreigners are slowly discovering Slovenia, however Lake Bled is still the only real known tourist location here. Lake Bohinj and the national park are right next to Lake Bled yet are rarely visited by non-slovenes or non-Austrians. Slovenia is even home to a few striking seaside towns such as Piran, reminiscent of a miniature Dubrovnik. Your readers would be interested in the potential for having a kayaking/hiking/swimming/mountaineering holiday all in the one spot. The weather is ideal and I can also provide info to would-be mountaineers about the best times of year to make the journey over.
Nicholas Grundy Photography

Nicholas Grundy Photography